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Shaving Again? Let’s Do This!—Tips and Tricks After a No-Shave Month

The days after Thanksgiving aren’t just for Black Friday sales – they’re the moment when many of us gear up to take off that ol’ November mustache and make a clean go of it for the holidays. Whether it’s the end of November No Shave, a fresh face for Spring, or simply a craving to switch it up any time of year, MultiShape men’s grooming kit is the perfect tool to create a style that’s seasonal, comfortable, and great-looking, using our electric razor and trimmer attachments.

Ask Questions First—Trim Later

So when you’re asking the question “How to avoid razor bumps” the first question should be “Should I wash my face first?” The answer is always YES. Making sure your skin is clean before you shave or trim will help guard against irritation as well as nicks and cuts. Plus, it’s just good hygiene!


  • Wash your face with warm water (not hot) and make sure all of the soap is rinsed away. This will help eliminate dirt and grime, while opening your pores to help reduce irritation. It also helps to soften hair, which makes it easier for your grooming device to cut through.
  • Pre-shave oil will help protect your skin and lubricate your hair to make each stroke of the shaver or trimmer go that much more smoothly.
  • Apply foam or gel evenly and without too much lather, so you won’t get lost in suds


Let’s Get Trimming

Mustaches range from pencil-perfect to fully fluffy, so the next step varies. General rule of thumb: If your facial hair is sporting more than 4–5 days of growth, make sure you trim down before you shave. This is where the Beard & Hair Trimmer Head or the Beard, Hair, & Body Trimmer Head will serve you well. If you’re trimming first, try getting your hair down to about 1mm all over your face. (Tip: use the shortest comb attachment with the lowest setting on the quick-adjust dial).

Come Shave Away

Once you’ve trimmed down, it’s time to deploy the classic electric shave maneuver for that super-smooth feel. But after you’ve sported facial hair for a while, your facial skin may be a bit more delicate than usual and more prone to irritation. So, what’s the answer to the question: how to prevent razor burn? When you shave use light pressure and avoid pressing the electric razor into your face. Then, use downward strokes, shaving with the direction of hair growth. The MultiShape 3-Blade Shaver Head is made to be comfortable and gentle on your skin, with hypoallergenic stainless steel blades that minimize irritation.

Look Sharp!

Once you’re in the post-mustache or beard era, a regular shave will be sure to keep you looking and feeling great. Hair growth varies from person to person of course, but we recommend shaving down every other day at least. You can keep your whole look tidy by adding in the Nose, Ear & Facial Trimmer Head—nose hair trimmers are the unsung heroes of a well-groomed face and body.


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