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What Moves Us

Less Waste. More Style.

Sustainability is at the heart of the MultiShape system. One device with multiple attachments that you choose based on your needs means less electronic devices and attachments cluttering your bathroom, and less waste in landfills.

Designed to minimize your carbon footprint without compromising your daily care routine, MultiShape is the one device you need for all your personal care needs.

Only the Attachments You Need

Choose only what you need - the modularity of the MultiShape system allows you to create your own unique combination personal care system from the beginning, that fits your individual needs. As your style evolves over time, you can easily add on the additional attachments that you want.

One Rechargeable Battery

Instead of multiple personal care devices, each with their own battery, MultiShape uses just one rechargeable battery in the base unit – reducing the use of lithium and nickel and helping to minimize your impact on the environment.

One Charger

Multiple devices means multiple chargers and more power consumption. With MultiShape, the base unit uses just one charger to keep it at the ready – whether you’re shaving, trimming or brushing your teeth. That means less electronic resources needed

Eco-Friendly Packaging

MultiShape uses eco-friendly, 100% recyclable outer packaging and even our custom dopp kits are constructed using 100% certified recycled rPET nylon.

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